Who am I?

I was raised in Scientology but fought it from a young age. Eventually I got out. But it was a long and painful road. I lost much and I worked for a long time to gain back what I could.

I appeared on Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. This video is legally available on YouTube (costs money). You can watch it here. You can also watch it for free if you have cable, by going to A&E’s website, here. If you’ve already seen it, you can watch the other videos sequentially to get more of the story.

Here is the original video, and my response video to Scientology’s attack video on me (does not cost money).

And here is a discussion between myself and Aaron Smith-Levin, another contributor to Aftermath.

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As I mentioned in the (very long) conversation with Aaron, I am currently working on a book, which I hope to publish this year.